Hatif Libya


Featured Numbers …

Phone company is pleased to Libya to make your presentation to a private fixed telephone service wireless categories of special numbers in groups
((Gold, silver and bronze)) commensurate with the level of your business and suit your needs and prices that are described below. You can visit
Any of our offices and who is happy to serve you and help you choose your number featured.

How to Obtain Service:
Who wants to make access to the service to the nearest Office of Telecommunications accompanied by the following documents:

- Photograph and copy of ID card or passport. (Download the sample service)
- Copy of certificate of residence (for non-residents).
- Service fee (the amount of money).

Companies and businesses:
A copy of the certificate of residence.
Copy of commercial registration or valid business license
and the service application form signed by the personAuthorized to do so

Contact the Center:

Direct number 1616
E-mail contactcenter@hlc.ly